Squirrel Proofing

Here are some basic tips for keeping squirrels out of your bird feeders:

Use Properly Sized Baffles on Tall Poles

The pole system itself must be 10 feet from anything a squirrel can leap from. The top of the baffle should be 4-5 feet above the ground to prevent jumping. The pole must be tall enough so feeders stay above the top of the baffle. Most basic shepherd's hooks are not tall enough to squirrel proof. Fortunately, WBU's Advanced Pole System is.

Use an Overhead Baffle When Hanging Feeders from a Tree

If a feeder is going to hang in a tree, a large overhead baffle can work, but only if it's broad enough to tuck the feeder up under the edges. It must also be hung far enough from the tree trunk to prevent a sideways jump. These baffles often fail because the feeder is too large and squirrels learn to grab on to it as they slide off the baffle. You can bring your feeder to WBU to find the proper baffle. 

Try a Feeder Cage

On-Guard™ Cages can fit over a variety of feeders and utilize
1 1/2" openings to allow smaller birds to feed, but exclude
squirrels (as well as blackbirds and grackles). These are perfect for deck rail feeding or when the yard layout won't work for baffles.

Use a Squirrel Resistant Feeder

Weight-activated feeders can be used in many situations.
WBU offers several models that feature ports that close under the weight of a squirrel. The WBU Eliminator® feeder is also lifetime guaranteed. WBU only carries squirrel resistant feeders that have proven themselves in field testing and through years
of success. 

Offer Safflower Seed

The majority of squirrels will not eat safflower seed if it is used as the only seed in a feeder (not mixed in a blend). To squirrels, safflower tastes very sour so unless there is no other food source available, squirrels leave it alone.

Turn Up the Heat

WBU offers a full line of hot pepper food products that most raccoons take
one bite of and lose interest. Birds lack the heat receptors mammals have,
so they are not affected by hot pepper. These products come in several popular forms: 

Hot Pepper Suet - Cakes, Plugs, Stackables and Cylinders
Hot Pepper Seed - Stackables and Cylinders
Hot Pepper Bark Butter Bits



Important: WBU does not recommend mixing loose pepper powders into seed blends. It is typically ineffective and can be inhaled into the birds' respiratory systems. The pepper in suet and cylinders does not create this issue. WBU also does not recommend using petroleum jelly, oil, or a slinky as the jelly/oil can transfer to a bird's wings or a bird could get caught up in the slinky.