How to Attract a Greater Variety of Birds

Each bird species has food preferences, and these may change seasonally. Offering multiple kinds of foods throughout the year will help attract a greater variety of birds to your bird feeding station.

In addition to our custom no-waste seed blends, we offer a selection of foods that attract more species by meeting their nutritional needs:



The best single source of protein and fat for birds. Some birds will cache nuts to retrieve later, making repeated trips to feeders to gather     food.



Finch Blend

During Goldfinch season (Nov.-Apr), WBU Finch Blend attracts more finches than nyjer seed alone.
It has more protein and is best used in a finch feeder.




Use mealworms to attract insect-eating birds like bluebirds and wrens. Place them in a smooth-sided feeder where they cannot crawl out. Often thought of as food for nesting birds, you can actually serve mealworms year-round.




Hummingbirds are in Florida year-round, though activity is highest from March through September. Planting a few nectar-producing plants can help bring hummingbirds to the area and ultimately to the feeder.



Fruit and Jelly

Fresh fruit and jelly are favorites of orioles, robins, mockingbirds, etc. Use this food during migratory season (Nov.-Apr) for a chance to see them at your feeders.




A woodpecker favorite, our no-melt suet is a high-energy, high-fat substance that birds enjoy all year long. It is particularly helpful in nesting season when birds need more calories to raise young.



Seed Cylinders

The quickest, simplest, longest-lasting way to feed your birds. Available in a variety of flavors, our
seed cylinders meet the nutritional  needs and feeding behaviors of many species. A great option
for keeping birds fed while on vacation too! 



Jim’s Birdacious® Bark Butter®

The perfect blend of fat and protein, no other single bird food attracts more species. Spread on tree trunks or use in a bark butter feeder.