What's Happening in Nature in Fall/Winter??



• Cedar Waxwings arrive.
• Look for the occasional Rufous Hummingbird to arrive throughout the region.
• American Goldfinches may start to return this month.
• Monarch migration reaches its peak late in the month, sometimes in uncountable numbers.
• Sandhill Cranes arrive in small flocks late in the month.
• Waterfowl migration continues to build; geese can be seen passing over at the end of the month.
• Bald Eagle nest building and maintenance begins.
• Great Horned Owl males begin hooting in nesting territory.
• Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers arrive.
• Peak fall migration for American Robins.
• Orionids meteor shower is late-October.


• Project Feeder Watch starts and extends until April. Visit www.birds.cornell.edu/pfw for details.
• Feeders get busier as the month progresses.
• American Goldfinches arrive in large numbers. Keep those finch feeders filled!
• Number and variety of wintering hummingbirds begins to build on the Coast.
• Waterfowl migration peaks this month.
• Common Loons and Bald Eagles arrive from the north.
• The fall migratory population of the Sandhill Crane peaks in mid-November.
• Leonid meteor shower is mid-month.


• Christmas Bird Count is this month. Visit birds.audubon.org/christmas-bird-count for details.
• Great Horned Owls are pairing up this month – listen for their "who" calls.
• This is a great time to teach chickadees and titmice to feed from your hand.
• Watch for late waterfowl migrants such as Northern Shovelers, mergansers, Ruddy Ducks and Common Goldeneyes.
• Geminid Meteor Shower is mid-month.