Keep An Eye Out for New Visitors

Winter (or at least Florida's version of it) is moving in, but that isn’t the only thing new around here. You may have spotted a few feathered out-of-towners that may be sticking around for the season.

This is a great time to look for uncommon bird species. American Goldfinches, Gray Catbirds, and Painted Buntings may be making a repeat appearance in your yard this winter as many of them come back to the same locations each year.

Keep your feeders fresh and stay seasonally savvy by offering the right food (in the right place), to better your chances of attracting some of these birds.

Painted Buntings

The rainbow-colored darlings of the bird world, painted buntings are lovers of millet. You can attract these beauties to your yard by offering WBU Deluxe Blend or WBU No-Mess Blend. But if you want them to linger at the feeder long enough to snap that picture you've been wanting, we recommend putting millet in its own tube feeder (with no tray so doves don't take over) so they can eat undisturbed while other birds tackle the blends in your other feeder(s). 

American Goldfinches

These little cuties tend to travel in flocks and arrive in Florida sporting an olive drab coloring. Day by day they turn a little more yellow until they are bright yellow just in time to head back up north. Fill a WBU Finch Feeder filled with Nyjer® or WBU Finch Blend and you might just see a dozen or more on it at one time. 

Gray Catbirds

These playful birds are likely to be seen darting in and out of hedges or throwing a little party in your birdbath. To bring them to the feeder, try offering WBU Tree Nutty Blend, WBU Choice Plus Blend (both have fruit which catbirds like), or try suet or meal worms. 


To find out which other species come around for the winter or what they like to eat, come visit us in the store!